Pilot Studies: Apply for funding

How to Apply

Letter of Intent:

Those interested in applying for funding must first submit a Letter of Intent (LOI). The LOI process for this round of funding has been completed. Applicants have been notified.

Please check this page for updates on the next round of funding occurring in fall 2024.


Full Application (by Invitation Only)

Those whose LOIs have been approved, please complete a full application and submit it to kkapiteni@arg.org. Full applications are due February 12, 2024.


Key Dates

Completed           RFA released
Completed           LOIs due
Completed           LOI decisions made
Completed          Full applications due
Mar 11, 2024          Full application decisions made

Next Round of Funding 2024

June 24               RFA released
August 5            LOIs due
August 19           LOI decisions made
November 11    Full applications due
December 9     Full application decisions made

For questions regarding the application process, contact: 


For scientific inquiries, contact: 

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