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February 2024 Newsletter

Annual Report: Year One Progress

Safe and stable housing, such as that provided within the context of recovery housing, is widely recognized as critical to recovery from alcohol and drug use disorders generally, but it may be even more critical to recovery from opioid use disorders (OUD).

Unfortunately, research on the outcomes of recovery housing residents in recovery from OUD, particularly those being treated with medications is limited. Further, there is literature that suggests that individuals being treated with medications for OUD (MOUD) may experience barriers to recovery housing due to negative attitudes towards MOUD and lack of recovery housing that is equipped to support persons on medication.

Read about the project’s accomplishments, collaborations, capacity development and training, our Pilot Study Program, and dissemination activities.

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I-STARR Quarterly Newsletters

February 2024 Newsletter

February 2024

We introduce our new Learning Management System, which allows registrants to participate in our webinar series at a time and place that’s convenient, including the ability to ask questions, find resources, and watch presentations from experts across the recovery housing community. 

We also report on research from I-STARR Co-I Jason Leonard, PhD, and colleagues describes the first time a recovery home organization has both developed and evaluated an educational workshop aimed at encouraging the use of medication-assisted treatments (MATs) and NARCAN (naloxone) to prevent/reduce opioid overdoses. 

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October 2023

Read about the Pilot Study Program, including upcoming funding opportunities.

Rachel Winograd, PhD, introduces the MO I-STARR Pilot Study that seeks to create a measurement tool tailored to both recovery housing operators and residents that will accurately capture barriers to MOUD in recovery housing. Read more about participating in the study for operators and residents.

In other news, two I-STARR collaborators are recognized for their work in recovery housing, and we announce the next upcoming webinars

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February 2024 Newsletter

July 2023

Our first project newsletter highlighted project activities to-date, including the introduction of the pilot studies directors and their projects. 

We also provided recent work by project team member Meenakshi Subbaraman, biostatistician at the Public Health Institute, who examined how housing and neighborhood characteristics were related to abstinence and psychiatric symptoms over time. 

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