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Our diverse, multi-stakeholder Advisory Board helps to define and refine a research agenda on recovery housing for persons using medication for opioid use disorder (MOUD). They also seed a network that helps inform other key stakeholders, including recovery housing providers and a broader range of researchers, about the ongoing webinar series and pilot studies conducted as part of this project.

David Sheridan

This webinar reviews different types of recovery residences and levels of care provided in them. It will also review the history of and evidence base for recovery housing, current gaps in the field, and obstacles to conducting research on recovery housing.

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Kathleen Gibson

This webinar reviews basic principles of experimental and quasi-experimental designs, and using examples from the literature, it will reviews the pros and cons of each within the context of research on recovery housing.

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Sampling & Collaborating with Recovery Residences Providers & Operators: August 15, 2023

This webinar reviews how to go about finding, sampling and approaching recovery residences to initiate research on them and their residents. Examples of large multisite studies and smaller longitudinal studies will be presented.

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Principles of Community-Based Participatory Research: September 19, 2023

This webinar reviews the basics of community-based participatory research and how these principles can enhance research on recovery housing.

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Recruitment & Tracking of Marginally-Housed and Justice Involved Study Participants: October 17, 2023

High recruitment and retention rates are critical to successful research. Although the vast majority of residents in recovery housing are highly motivated to participate in research, many are in early stages of their recovery and relapse creates a number of challenges to locating residents for follow-up interviews. This webinar will review tracking procedures used in longitudinal research with residents in recovery housing.

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Treatments and Medications for OUD and MAR: November 7, 2023

This webinar reviews the neurobiological aspects of opioid addiction, different types of treatment for OUD, various mediations and their pharmacological properties, and implications of these properties for recovery and recovery housing.

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Pros & Cons of Mixed Methods Designs: December 19, 2023

Adding qualitative elements to the study of recovery housing and residents experiences in them add rich contextual data, but it is not without downsides. This webinar reviews the benefits and challenges of mixed methods procedures in the study of recovery housing.

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Recovery Housing Mechanisms of Action & Measurement of Key Constructs: January 16, 2024

This webinar reviews key concepts theorized to promote successful outcomes of residents in recovery housing and discuss tools developed to measure outcomes and the effects of these factors on them.

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Strengthening Causal Inference: February 20, 2024

Experimental designs are the gold-standard when determining causality but are often difficult to implement. This webinar reviews using propensity score analyses to strengthen causal inference in quasi-experimental designs.

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Multilevel Modeling and Studying the Impact of Contextual Factors on Outcomes: March 19, 2024

Recovery housing residents are embedded within residences and communities that may influence observed changes over time. This webinar reviews using multilevel modeling techniques to estimate the relative effects of these influences.

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The Many Challenges of Operating a Recovery Residence: April 16, 2024

This webinar reviews the many challenges faced by recovery residence operators in meeting the needs of their residents, particularly those on MOUD. At the end of the webinar, participants will be asked to provide feedback, questions, and suggestions for operators to be discussed during the final all-audiences webinar.

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Establishing an Evidence Base for MOUD in Recovery Housing: May 7, 2024

This webinar reviews key challenges discussed throughout the webinar series and presents suggestions on how to move research forward on MOUD in recovery housing.

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